Mixer Tools – Assigning Multiple Materials to the Same Surface

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Maximize your material workflow and productivity with these five powerful and flexible Substance tools, specifically designed by Reallusion for use in iClone to give users extra control over realistic texturing.

By using the Mixer tool, users have the ability to assign up to 7 material types to the same surface.  The embedded material generator provides presets for metal, wood, leather and fabrics.  Not only that, but users can also go beyond that by applying patterns and material tweaks, and set up realistic weathering effects.  The Mixer tool is used in Character Creator to generate ultra-realistic material for cloth and accessories.  The B2M tool helps to generate all required material maps from a single source image.  It smartly generates image maps for all iClone texture channels – base color, opacity, normal, height, AO, specular, emissive (glow), roughness, metallic, as well as effect maps such as curvature and Color ID.

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