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This is Rich

I do a lot of photography, digital art and videography. To see most of my work that I sell go to Matrix Photos. For great pictures, you can buy prints, pictures, very large pictures, business cards, greeting card and about 100 other formats! You can also get there by one of my pride and joy domain names!
You can see some of my video work on my YouTube account at: Renegades U.S.

I am known as Renegade Rich because I also own Renegades™ News and Renegades™ Blog 

I use Its Photos (this site) to keep up with all of my software that I have bought or use to create art, animations, videos or pictures and all of the hardware I use like GoPro’s Drones, DJI Cameras and the likes. . Kind of my Art tutorial and review site! You will also find a lot of my work posted here as well.

I also own more that 100 domain names that I will sell almost any one of See the list here Its Domains

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