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ANAMORPHICS: A Beginner’s Guide | FilmoraPro

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Create custom lens flares with #FilmoraPro: // In this video Jony teaches how you create anamorphic lenses or lens flares with FilmoraPro.

00:55 – What are Anamorphic Lenses?
02:25 – Budget Anamorphic Look In-Camera
03:30 – Get the Anamorphic Look In FilmoraPro
06:20 – Anamorphic Roll Effect in FilmoraPro

FilmoraPro Anamorphic Preset:

The Cinemorph Filter:

FilmoraPro is designed for creators who are looking for greater productivity, better control, and more ways to flex their creative muscles.

Have a question FilmoraPro? Check out these resources:

FilmoraPro User Guide:

FilmoraPro FAQ:

FilmoraPro Features:

We want to see what you create so share your videos in the comment section with the tag #MadeWithFilmora!

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