Sat. Dec 7th, 2019


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FINE TUNE Your Travel Vlog | Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series

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Add finishing touches to a travel vlog video with #Filmora9: // Learn how to revise your video, fine tune and add finishing touches to your video in Filmora9 for a more polished look that you can be proud of!

WATCH the FULL Travel Vlog: Explore Vancouver | Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series

Filmstocks Travel Pack:


This past month we produced, filmed, and edited 1 EPIC travel vlog in Vancouver Canada and 4 in-depth travel vlog tutorials that cover how to make a travel vlog video, travel vlog editing, as well as tips if you want to become a travel vlogger.

WATCH the Filmora9 Travel Vlog Series:

We will be teaching you every step of our process, starting with planning. Our second tutorial will cover our filming process which includes a step by step guide on in-camera transitions and many more cool tricks and techniques! Next, we have our editing and organizing tutorial where we’ll show you how we cut together our video in Filmora9. Lastly, we’ll go over how to fine-tune your video, giving it that little extra to turn a good video GREAT.

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